Narendra Modi Vs Rahul Gandhi 2019 Lok Sabha Elections

Narendra Modi, Honourable Prime Minister of India, took command of the Chair in 2014 by emerging as the
country’s favourite and victorious in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Our Country was in disarray after
congress betrayed the trust of the people of India over and over again. Our country, the people, all of
us were in pain and were done with congress who invented the culture of rich and poor in the country
where rich is seen as evil and poor as a sign of pity, who invented the politics of poor in India which
was more interested in giving out freebies to people in order to get their votes, who recreated the
caste systems to fabricate vote banks on the basis of caste and religion where the members of the community
didn’t caste their vote for development but out of fear of being run out by other community and almost 60
years long rise in corruption and nepotism which has become a common norm in the governance. The country saw
a hero in Narendra Modi and hoped that he will be the solution to the paralysed India that Congress had left
behind. The question is : Is Narendra Modi the hero we hoped and prayed for? Has Narendra Modi or BJP lived
up to the promises that they made in their rallies prior to the election? Well without being biased, we can look at the
facts and figures from the past 4 years and the answer is right in front of us. India is a large country with population
of approximately 1.3 billion and so it is understandable that the fortune of such a highly populated country cannot
be turned overnight but if you are focussed and determined to do good, four years is enough time to show results
and your good will to do good for the people of your country. BJP government has primarily focussed to win power in every
state in any manner possible but mostly as we all have seen they have operated in bad faith. Well some people may
say there is no ‘Good Faith Bad Faith’ in politics, then I will be blunt and say that the Narendra Modi led BJP
government have misused their power in every possible way to make things happen their way. They donot let the
state governments function smoothly. In any state elections, whether BJP is single largest party or have the
least seats, they are always called first to form the government, why? well because just like the ‘MEDIA’, Governors
are also in BJP’s pocket. We have all seen that the BJP’s politicians can commit any SCAM and get away with it,
RAPE A GIRL and get away with it, MURDER A JUDGE and get away with it, promoting ENMITY between different groups,
and statements conducing to PUBLIC MISCHIEF and RIOTING etc and still manage to somehow get away with it. Is this what
democracy stands for?
Well, we have the power of vote to show that we will not stand for this kind of politics. We will not let them disrespect
the democracy and the fundamentals on which our country was built. The leaders of our country have taken the public for
granted for a long time and its high time that we, common man shout start asking them the questions and what work have they
done in their term for the betterment of the country.


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