Is Narendra Modi only a BIG MOUTH?

During his Campaigns of 2014 Lok sabha elections, Narendra Modi came out as a ray of hope for all the Indians. We, The Indians were left dejected by the Congress Government for all their inability to govern the country to new heights, for all their corruption and their failures in every department. Narendra Modi came out for campaigning with a well thoughout plan. He showed all of us what we all could have in next five years if he is elected into power, he showed us a better India, good days aren’t far away “ACCHE DIN AANE VALE HAI“. Not only did he showed us a better India in his rallies, but he also degraded all the other opposition parties like the Congress, the Aam Aadmi Party, SP & BSP etc to attract all the voters to vote for him. All the big promises he made, which were a big stretch but he made us believe that all that can come true. But has he lived  upon his promises?

Mr Narendra Modi Promised in 2014 that he will bring all the black money from the Swiss bank and put 15 lakh in every Indians account. Now we all know that  it was not going to happen ’15 lakh in every account’. But we expected at least he would take some strict actions in order to cure this black money problem in swiss bank . But on the contrary, In 2018, the Indian deposits in Swiss Banks have jumped to 50%. This Stat certainly raises a Question  ‘whether the Government’s anti Black money steps has yielded any results?’

In 2016, Mr Narendra Modi announced DEMONETISATION. Mr Modi said, this would lead to all the black money stashed by the people come in open. But did that happen? We all know that most of the politicians are corrupt and all of them have large sums of black money which they use to get the party tickets to fight the elections and then spend on their campaigns and other illegal work. But post Demonetisation, how many politicians were caught? yes, no one was caught. So that just shows that Demonetisation like other Modi Government reform wasn’t air tight.

A survey was conducted and its reports are shocking ” India is most unsafe country for women ” and ”  India to be leading in rape and violence against women”. As a proud Indian these results are shocking. Every other day we see, we hear that somewhere or the other a woman was harassed , raped or violated in some other way. But our Prime Minister seems to be unaffected by these serious issues and chooses not to speak upon or take some serious action and step to ensure the safety of the women in the country.

Hence like all other Politicians,  Mr Narendra Modi also made big and false promises in his campaigns and forgot immediately after sitting on The Chair.  But the 2019 elections are nearby, hence let us all promise to not make the same mistake again.


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